Bicable Gondola System
About System
This is the most popular System for Passenger Ropeway in Europe and can adapt all most all length and terrain condition.
System Description
In this system a single endless continuous moving haulage rope are attrached to the gondola cabins, spaced at equal intervals and the cabins are supported on a track rope. The in coming cabin to the terminal stations and disengages from the rope and moves on the shut rail. The passengers board / deboard and the cabins move to the launching side, engages to the rope and move towards the other terminal station and follows the same procedure.
Cabin Capacity
4, 6, 8, and 10 person
  • Passenger Ropeway : Maximum 2500 PPH for short distance.

  • Material Ropeway : Maximum 700 TPH for short distance.
  • Simple System.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost.
  • Comfortable boarding / deboarding and ride.
  • Low ground clearance not required.
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