Coal Washing Plant
Since Mid 80's CRSPL ventured in the field of coal benificiation. CRSPL has Installed more than 20 Units, ranging from 10 TPH to 125 TPH for Coking as well as Non Coking Coal.
Wet Process - Using Self Generated Slurry as Media of Washing.Coal Fines present in the Raw Coal mixed with water forms the media and thus no foreign media is used.
Plant organic efficiency
93 - 94 % in terms of Product yield.
Salient features
  • Compact Modular Design requiring little space.
  • Low Profile - maximum height from parent surface is 12 - 13 M.
  • No need of any foreign Media and associated elaborate Media preparation Unit.
  • Low capital outlay.
  • Low running and maintenance cost.
  • Less Power requirement (2 - 2.7 KW per tonne of feed coal)
  • Quick installation (within 4- 8 months, depending on the capacity)
  • Low water consumption (0.10 - 0.12 cu. m per tonne of feed coal). Major quatity of water is recirculated.
  • Less population of equipments.
  • Simple foundations (Main washing plant can be accommodated on a concrete raft)
  • No sophisticated instrumental control requiring highly skilled technicians.
  • Easy adjustment - some on running type.
  • Minimal manpower requirement.
  • 10 TPH - 300 TPH Single Module.
  • Higher Capacity possible by incorporation of additional Module Working in tandem.
Technology Upgradation
Developed a Combined Natural Media & Dense Media Washing Plant to accept a Wide Variety of input coal as also to achieve an organic efficiency to the level of 95 - 96 %. Each circuit is in modular form, effectively dovetailed and integrated in a limited space.
Period of Execution
6 – 10 months, however, it may vary depending on the capacity and scope of work.
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