Material Ropeways
Material ropeways are used around the globe for a very wide range of applications. The optimal ropeway system is selected to suit the specific requirements and perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. The flexibility of ropeway systems such as reversible aerial tramways make them well suited to carrying materials. As well as transporting passengers, they can be used for moving pallets, machinery or bulk materials and unit loads from A to B. Irrespective of whether the alignment is inclined or horizontal, material ropeways can always be relied upon to go the distance. Particularly in the case of impassable terrain, a material ropeway is the obvious choice. Gorges and valleys, rivers and lakes, roads and forests are all no problem for a material ropeway.

Material ropeways are a popular choice in situations where truck transport would simply be uneconomical. With transport capabilities of up to 1,500 TPH, a material ropeway is lengths ahead of conventional transport methods.

Types : Material Ropeway executed at
Design, engineering, supply and commissioning of material ropeway at a glance :
  • Bicable Ropeway up to 700 TPH capacity
  • Conventional Grip Monocable Ropeway up to 350TPH capacity on normal even terrain.
  • Detachable Grip Type Monocable Ropeway up to 300 TPH capacity for steep hilly terrain.
  • DBC(Double Bicable) Ropeways up to 600 TPH Capacity
  • Special cableway for transportation of small products in a circuitous route.
  • Twin Track Bicable Ropeway up to 1500 TPH capacity.
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