Monocable Jig Back System
About System
Simple operation. Less expensive. Ideally suitable for hilly, undulating terrain. But limited carrying capacity.
System Description
Two cabins firmly attached to the rope, one at each terminal station but on the opposite sides. Once driven they start moving in oppesite direction. Once the cabins reach the respective terminal, the system stops automatically. After deboarding of passenger and boarding of fresh ones, the drive is restarted in reverse direction.jigback movement thus continues.

Capacity can be augmented by incorporating one / two additional cabins side by side.

Cabin Capacity
6 - 10 persons
100 - 500 PPH depending on the route & length.
  • Simple System
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Comfortable boarding / deboarding and ride
  • Low investment
  • Capacity can be easily augmented to the Design limit with the increase in demand
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