Passenger Ropeway Systems
There are various types of Ropeway systems in the world. Based on capacity of the system, ground terrain, and length of system, selection of Ropeway system is done. Hereunder are some of the most common Ropeways that are operating in the world. CRSPL has the capability and capacity of installing all the types of Ropeway Systems.

Nature has endowed human beings with energy, aid of animals to negotiate distances and heights. Invention brought machines, which made their task easy and fast. Aerial ropeway is one such unique and indigenous mechanical system, which facilitates transportation of man and material over difficult and peculiar terrain bringing about comparative ease and economy vis-à-vis other means of transport.

In 1975, CRSPL first set about to fulfil the venture ensuring safety, economy in construction, easy maintenance and smooth operation as its main priority and concern. CRSPL offer design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of Mono/Bicable ropeway system equipped with all control instruments for any geographical condition for eco-friendly and techno-economically viable transportation. CRSPL also offers full service backup and support facility.

Types :

Passenger Ropeway executed

Ongoing Projects on Passenger Ropeway

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