World's First Non-Linear Ropeway

Conveyor & Ropeway Services Pvt Ltd, has come up with an answer to alternative Urban Commutation System. They have invented the World's First Non-Linear Ropeway for a 2nd tier alternative urban transportation christened CURVO.

It is adaptable and amenable to bends, being able to follow existing road routes, travelling overhead without consuming or interfering with road space below and the vehicular traffic that plies through it.

It is safe, pollution free, both in terms of emission and noise. It runs on electricity and does not use organic fuel. It is also accident proof having automated Drive System, instead of multiple human controls behind the wheels as is the case with vehicular transportation system in vogue.

Being a watershed invention, the benefits can be made to flow to various Metropolis of our country, the least of which is not Kolkata.