Mission and Vision


Our mission is to evolve new technology for safe alternative means of aerial transportation, enhancement in its quality of service, value addition in various other fields of engineering production and conditioned by local standards and culture. Our aim is to provide the ideal technological solution starting from concept till implementation for various conditions so that our customers are comfortable and at ease both technically and economically. We always strive to serve with all available energy and technical expertise for the basic need of common people in transportation and attain optimum exploitation of available natural resources. It is our goal to ensure our mission by continuous self improvement, growth in our operations and employees; while maintaining profitability to the benefit of our customers, employees, and community.


Our vision is to continue the heritage of our Company and be the foremost Ropeway manufacturer in the country. We dedicate ourselves to be the supplier of choice when our types of products are being sought. This vision will be accomplished by sharing the responsibilities of planning and decision making with all of our employees. We will strive to maintain the image we have developed over the years with its clientele, employees and community as a company of excellence.

As we all are aware that urbanisation and the huge demand for fast transport has choked the city road beyond any further expandable avenues leading to high congestion and the resulting time (Man Hour) loss and increase in emissions related problems for commuters. To counter these hardships to have designed World’s first Non-Linear CURVO Ropeway for Urban Commutation.

Urban air mobility transport is the most futuristic solution for the hindrances of urban mobility being faced today. CURVO is the new vision for safer, more efficient and eco friendly global transport network for common commuters, who generally travel by public transport.