Material Handling Ropeway

Material ropeways are used around the globe for a very wide range of applications. The optimal ropeway system is selected to suit the specific requirements and perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. The flexibility of ropeway systems such as reversible aerial tramways make them well suited to carrying materials.

CRSPL offers Design, Engineering, Supply and Commissioning of the following types of Material Ropeways:

  • Bicable Ropeway upto 700 TPH capacity

  • Conventional Grip Monocable Ropeway upto 350 TPH capacity on normal even terrain

  • Detachable Grip Type Monocable Ropeway uoto 300 TPH capacity for steep hilly terrain

  • Double Bicable Ropeway upto 600 TPH

  • Twin Track Bicable Ropeway upto 1500 TPH capacity

  • Special Cableway for transportation of small products in a circulations route


Detachable Grip Type Monocable Ropeway System


Detachable Grip Type Bicable Ropeway System


Conventional Grip Monocable Ropeway


Material Ropeway


Bicable Ropeway


Twin Track Bicable Ropeway

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