Passenger Ropeway

There are various types of Ropeway systems in the world. Based on capacity of the system, ground terrain, and length of system, selection of Ropeway system is done. CRSPL has the capability and capacity of installing all the types of Ropeway Systems.

CRSPL offers design, engineering, installation and commissioning of Monocable or Bicable Ropeway System equipped with all control instruments for any ground condition for Eco-friendly and Techno-economically viable transportation.

CRSPL is the only Indian company offering Ropeway System with latest modern state of Art & Technology, incorporating Hydraulic Tensioning Gear, usage of Imported Rope, Automatic Cabins, etc. Company enjoys the credibility of building maximum number of Passenger Ropeway in India.

The Spring-cum-Gravity operated Detachable Grip of CRSPL for 6 to 12 Passenger Monocable Gondola, is something unique in the country. It has undergone the stringent test before its use on Passenger Ropeway and thus the capability in Ropeway Technology is amply demonstrated in smooth operation of many Ropeways built by CRSPL. Only CRSPL offers the installation with 6 to 12 Passenger carrying capacity indigenous Cabins.

Some of our Passenger Ropeway projects


Kailashgiri Visakhapatnam. Book ticket online.


Tsomgo Lake Ropeway, Sikkim


Seikh Rasel Ropeway at Chittagong, Bangladesh


DRV Ropeway at Darjeeling, West Bengal


Salkanpur Ropeway, MP


Narmada Ropeway Bhedaghat, MP


Adlabs Imagica Ropeway at Raigad, Maharashtra


Maa Vijayasan Deviji Ropeway at Salkanpur, MP


Mansapurna Ropeway at Udaipur, Rajasthan


Kempty Falls Ropeway at Mussorie, Uttaranchal


Bhopal Ropeway at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


Sanhati Park Ropeway at Ashoknagar, WB

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